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Let me tell you about Crossfit...

Crossfit - A place for your body and your mind

People who know me a bit closer know, that apart from photography, Crossfit is my true passion.

Since I started Crossfit back in 2014 I was immediately hooked and knew "this is my thing".

So, naturally it made sense to bring together my two most favorite hobbies and it was an instant "YES", when I was approached to shoot pictures at a competition at my local crossfit box in Graz, Austria.

Before Crossfit, all I did to stay fit is go to a local gym and with a certain routine, work out all by myself. Trust me it was a plain and dull experience and after a while I had it.
So when I found Crossfit, it wasn't just the constantly varied movements and the always high intensity that got me hooked, but more so the people there. 
It is a really great community and everyone there just enjoys the experience.

But more so people there bond relationships and become friends and share their passion for other sports outside of Crossfit.

Therfore I thought it would be cool to share some pictures which give some insight on this great community.

And the best thing from a photographic perspective: All the shots you see here are shot with a single focal length - talk about versatility ;)

Hope you enjoy it.