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Gesäuse National Park

Gesäuse Nationalpark is located on the far east of the Austrian Alps. Although only about a 2h drive from Graz, for whatever stupid reason and excuse I hadn't been there until lately.

At one sunny Saturday morning I decided to take my chance and take a ride to the national park.


Starting in Admont, which has a really famous and humongous monastery, I approached the park from the west and immediately was awed by it's beauty and totally crazy roads in between high rocks, cliffs and forrests.

Unfortunately I couldn't plan for a much longer visit, so I took the few hours I had available to roam the surroundings and take a few snapshots of the valley.

Exiting the national park on its eastern end leads to this amazing view:

Gesäuse National Park on a sunny afternoon

Gesäuse National Park on a sunny afternoon


What I have learned on that day is, that I am definitely coming back sooner than later :)