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A story about a visit to the "edible zoo" of Zotter Chocolate Manufactury

There is a special place not far from my home that I want to talk about today.

It is located on top of a hill, not far from the famous castle of Riegersburg, and has gained worldwide attention.

The ZOTTER chocolate fabric, located in Styria, Austria, was opened in 1999 by it's owner Josef Zotter, who had produced chocolate in a back room of a confectionery in Graz for some years on his own. In a short period of time, he created a huge empire which builds on fair trade, organic chocolate, which is offered in a variety of (strange) flavors which range from basic, dark chocolate, to fish and chili chocolate.

Over the course of 20 years, he has upgraded the factory to a real experience for visitors - so nowadays you cannot simply just go there and buy chocolate in hunderds of flavors, but also visit a chocolate theater, make a tour through the fabric where you can eat as much chocolate as your stomach can handle.

Additionally, an "edible zoo" was introduced some years ago next to the factory. This garden was our destination for a hot Saturday afternoon in June.

The edible zoo dible Zoo has many different animal species enquired such as ostrichs and goats. Additionally, you can find literally hundreds of different herbs, fruits and plants - most of those are planted and harvested to produce meals and drinks, offered in the zoo's restaurant. Plus, the zoo is 100% energy self-sufficient.

There's also a kid's playground along with a small pet zoo in the center of it.

My girlfriend and I had a fun time strolling around, enjoying farm-to-table food and relaxing in one of the comfortable hammocks in the woods.

So, if you are in the run for some fancy chocolate favors plus a short walk through an edible zoo, I highly recommend to visit Zotter's chocolate factory.


Oh, and for those asking - all shots taken with Fujifilm X Gear - of course ;)